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See what interesting objects the Heugh Battery Museum has on display in the Armoury

The Armoury

The Armoury houses the Heugh Battery Museum's collection of de-activated weapons, items of uniform and other artifacts.  

The Armoury is only opened for visitors by volunteers or museum staff so that visitors are able to ask questions about the exhibits and handle some of the objects in the room.  If you are visiting and fing that the door to the armoury is locked, please ask at reception and a volunteer or staff member will come and open it up for you.

The Armoury Collection

There are lots of interesting items to see and touch in the armoury, and lots of great stories behind how the uniforms developed, what battles the guns were used in, and stories about individual acts of heroism by soldiers using weapons such as the ones we have on display.


During your visit you will see items of uniform such as:

British Service Dress Cap

British Helmet

British Service Dress Tunic

 British Puttees

British Boots

German Pickelhaube

German Stahlhelm helmet



In the Armoury you will see a range of weapons, including:

Vickers Machine Gun


British Short Magazine Lee Enfield


British Short Magazine Lee Enfield Bayonet


German Karabiner 98a


Russian Mosin-Nagant Rifle


American M1917 ‘American Enfield’


British Mills Bomb


British STEN Submachinegun


British BREN Light Machinegun


Romanian AKM 74


Austrian Steyr-Mannlicher AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr)






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